MS MR – Hurricane

There is something vintage about Ms Mr’s new track “Hurricane”. The uncomplicated beat and the sweet, clear female voice take you back to a simpler time, but in all its blogging, tweeting glory, it’s also so 2012.

“Hurricane” is their debut single, and this intriguing start from the New York duo is already making waves with all the cool kids on the interweb, and for good reason. It’s a great track with a really sweet, catchy chorus, which still manages to create quite an intriguing and nostalgic feel. Take a bit of Lana del Ray, Florence and the Machine and Kavinsky, rewind to 1996 and you’re getting there.

Ms Mr describe themself as “Tumblr Glitch Pop, Soul Fuzz, Electroshock”, and so it is fitting that its music video is a mesmerising, thought provoking collage of the coolest kids and pics on Tumblr. The combination of the melancholy, spaced-out sound and the flickering Tumblr images creates an almost sad and bittersweet image of the online world in which we live. “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind”, the lyrics enhance the idea of the online self and the seductiveness of sites such as tumblr.

It’s a very cool clip for a very cool song. Go on, stop blogging for three minutes and have a listen.


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