Seeing as Halloween took place yesterday I’ve taken a peek at the new EP from Brooklynites, Yellow Ostrich. It’s called Ghost and it’s pretty damn spooky. Oooooooh!

With the surging nature of a James Blake track, Yellow Ostrich bring us the title track from their EP, ‘Ghost’. ‘Ghost’ really stands out and for good reason. Tackling a more lo-fi vibe, it’s a diversion from their usual indie pop sound. The RnB influence is evident, with uncomplicated drums and a minimalistic beat. Alex Schaaf’s vocals are detached creating that jaggered, indie dreamwave sound that we are hearing more and more of. In this sense the track is not all that original, however Schaaf’s raw vocals at the beginning and the melodic build-up throughout the song drew me in. The song seems to develop into something quite different, more composed and melodic by the end.

‘Here Today’ has a very chilled feel and almost sounds like a song from a past time. It’s very melancholy until about half way through when the pace picks up and it all becomes a bit hectic. The vocals hold the track down so it doesn’t completely fly off to another planet. It has a very end of festival/lost-but-calm kind of vibe.

‘Won’t Fade Away’ slightly fades away in the midst of this EP. It’s similar to ‘Here Today’, beginning slow with a mid-song introduction of some jaggered drum work. It doesn’t stand out but it’s quite a cool track and certainly plays homage to this Yellow Ostrich ‘sound’.

The beginning of ‘Chills’ makes you want to scream a little bit. Is this Halloween or what?! That minimalist vibe has gone out the window with this one. It sounds more indie rock than anything, with a slightly creepy feel. It could be creepier though, the song doesn’t really go far after the first few seconds of mayhem.

The next track, ‘USA’, is the story of the distance between couples over the USA and the beautiful land that separates them. It’s a sad song with a bit of an angsty sound, ending with the emotional clashing of instrumentals, which almost has that introspective Bright Eyes feel to it.

Continuing with this bleak sound is the final song of the EP ‘Already Gone’. The song is slow, almost whiny in the vocals and complete with very dramatic piano.

‘Ghost’ and ‘Here Today’ stand out as two tracks that really take you somewhere. Although the rest of the songs didn’t particularly grab me, the EP as a whole showcases an introspective and intriguing side to Yellow Ostrich, which deserves the time to be listened to carefully.

Happy Halloween and I hope you had a freaky deaky day!


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