A change of venue from Brunswick’s The Comfortable Chair, to Fitzroy’s Bar Open, spawned the re-naming of Comfortable Beats to Uncomfortable Beats. The move has done nothing to diminish this dynamic gathering.

Released toward the end of May, Trinity is the third Uncomfortable Beats compilation album, created under the helm of Melbourne producer, Able8. Eight of our city’s underground producers are featured, which is no small feat given Melbourne’s relatively small pool of options. The mix of genres appeals to a wide audience, with three songs merging perfectly with our taste here at THE RIPE.

Street Talk” by Able8 has massive appeal for Flying Lotus fans. The thick synth and fresh nu beat bassline highlight the track’s LA hip hop edge.

Run for your life echo Massive Attack with a chiming trip hop masterpiece, “Burple Haze”. It’s a far cry from their usual hip hop tracks, and works tinkling piano keys with a simple melody and deep bubblicious pads.

Clouded” by Kit Pop is the final track on the album. Genre-less, the ambient throbbing bassline reinforces its minimal beauty. Ethereal and eclectic trims give the track some aural stimulation, and it could slide easily into The Knife’s self titled album.

For more information visit http://uncomfortablebeats.com/


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