TWIN SHADOW – Five Seconds

Take a pinch of The Smiths, mix thoroughly with raw, passionate vocals of Mumford & Sons and top it off with the 80s cool of New Order and whadda ya know, out pops Twin Shadow’s new child: “Five Seconds”.  “Five Seconds” is very up-tempo and the passionate vocals cut through the organised chaos of the backing music. He displays such talent in this piece. I’m very impressed. Very.

Twin Shadow is the stage name of American musician George Lewis Jr. He has defined his music as being “steeped in 1980s New Wave”. In late 2010 Rolling Stone magazine cited Twin Shadow as ‘Band of the Week’, bestowing upon him one of their highest musical honours. Since then he has played big festivals, such as Coachella 2011 and Pitchfork Music Festival. I highly recommend checking out his first album, Forget (2010), if you haven’t already.

Twin Shadow’s second album, Confess is out July.


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