THE DIG – I Already Forgot Everything You Said

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said” is the soulful second track from The Dig, a New York band who will be releasing their sophomore LP Midnight Flowers on May 29th.

The song has been knocking up serious internet heat since it was released last week through Buffalo Jump Records, making its way to the top of Hype Machine and, more notably, this weeks Ripe Playlist (to the right).

The song has a scaly dark surface that’s illuminated by sparkling guitar, piano and a walking bass line that slithers between the versus and builds. The repetition of the title at the end of each verse drives a memorable impression that gears you to sing along.  I reckon it’s likely to keep Little Red fans ticking as they await news on the Melbourne bands future.

If you’re liking what you’re hear, make sure you check out the album’s first single, “Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground”. The full album tracklist is listed below.

Midnight Flowers Tracklist:
01. Red Rose in the Cold Winter Ground
02. Black Water
03. I Already Forgot Everything You Said
04. All Tied Up
05. Hole In My Heart
06. Animal Screams
07. Break The Silence
08. Police Car
09. Clouds and The White Noise
10. Glass Horse


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