SAMARIS – Viltu Vitrast

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 9.08.23 pm

Samaris’ latest creation gives a creative nod towards The Knife and Bjork; vocals with a haunting Northern European linger. While nothing new comes out of the vocal melody, the deep house-come-electronica styling makes for something quite chic.

Flute and clackers feature heavily at the start giving a nu jazz air to the intro. I really like the languid nature of the ‘Viltu Vitrast’ and how it just hangs in the air. Mind you, it isn’t largo to the point of putting you to sleep. The teched-out breakdown at 1:45 makes very fun use of xylophone! This definitely brings intrigue to what could have potentially been commonplace boring lullaby electronic.

While the Icelandic trio isn’t terribly well known, I urge you to listen to Samaris and I almost guarantee that you’ll be impressed.

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