RIPE LIVE: Tigertown – Morning Has Finally Come

The Ripe presents Tigertown playing their single ‘Morning Has Finally Come‘ at The Ripe house. ‘Morning Has Finally Come’ is the first single off their Before The Morning EP. PS: Check out the DIY bass drum made out of an empty beer slab and pizza box.

For more music from Tigertown hit them up on their triple j unearthed profile, or follow them on Facebook for more updates.


Resonating with a positive charm, Tigertown are a talented six-piece that share a special familial connection. Together, the Sydney-based alternative group weave melodic musical ideas with an authentic

Growing up in the sprawling landscape of rural Western NSW, siblings Charlie (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Crystal (mandolin, vocals) and Kurt (drums, percussion) started their musical careers promisingly early – taking inspiration from musical heroes Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac, the trio began touring local pubs clubs at the tender age of 11.

Some years later, Charlie met Chris (guitar, vocals) and the couple fell in love – causing two previously separate  musical worlds to coalesce. When the two wrote together, Chris and Charlie discovered their music had its own very unique sound – a sound that would become the catalyst of Tigertown.

Around mid-2011, four of their works were self-recorded over a stormy winter weekend in Chris and Charlie’s southern Shire home. Naturally, Kurt and Crystal joined the endeavor, as did Chris’ sister Elodie (bass guitar) and brother Alexi (keyboards). Pressed and released independently by the band, the Tigertown EP sold out of its initial pressing within weeks and immediately ignited support from music lovers around the nation. The colorful, desert-clannish video clip for single ‘Go Now’ became an immediate talking point. Self-released, it has received over 26,000 views on Youtube, displaying the band’s creative flair and serving as a perfect complement to the song’s lush vocals, guitars and drums.

Exploring the vast hinterland of alternative pop, Tigertown portray the colorful richness of Arcade Fire, anchored by layers of percussion and rich, harmony-soaked arrangements. The lyrics are as affecting and evocative as Lykke Li, with haunting edges that remain warm and pure. A simple, yet deep intimacy shines through in their songwriting, depicting a band thriving with honest maturity.

Considering the band’s natural chemistry, their music inevitably translated towards a live environment. Their very first live show in June 2011 at the historic Raval Theatre completely sold out, leading them across the country developing a groundswell of loyal followers. Backed by airplay from triple j and FBi, Tigertown shared their stunning live show to audiences on their own headline single tour and crowds supporting Husky, Matt Corby, Founds, Charlie Mayfair and Emma Louise.

2012 brings a new set of beautifully evolved songs for a follow-up EP, which is presently being crafted by producer Jimi Maroudas (Eskimo Joe) and the mixing efforts of Scott Horscroft (Little Red, Silverchair). The new single ‘Lions and Witches’ delivers a whole new dimension to the band’s growing sound. The accompanying video clip, Directed by Peter Seamons (Paper Kites), explores a beautiful fictitious world with irresistible results.

Tigertown are truly cementing themselves as one of 2012’s most exciting new Australian bands. With plenty more music to come, expect a bright and impressive future from the young group.


Huw Nolan is co-founder and co-director of Australian music website The Ripe. Alongside co-founder Tom Pitney, Huw has seen The Ripe grow monumentally in its short existence, gaining entry to music festivals, filming bands live, conducting countless interviews, producing high profile guest mixes and putting on sold out shows and parties. Huw has now stepped into Artist Management and PR roles due to the work he is doing with The Ripe. He has also taught lectures on music PR and music business and has spoken at music conference 'Face The Music' in 2013.

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