PATRICK WATSON – Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Patrick Watson - Adventures In Your Own Backyard

Patrick Watson is the Canadian who broke my heart. When I was introduced to ‘To Build a Home’ for the first time, I became convinced the track was written and performed exclusively for me. Consequently, the Schweppes advertisement that used the song was obviously created solely for the purpose of presenting my heartache in the form of bursting water balloons at an exquisite 10,000 frames per second. I have now taken to re-enacting Watson’s emotional performance with The Cinematic Orchestra on my own piano, screaming my heart out while punching away on keys that haven’t been tuned since 1998.

All this is simply useless preamble to introduce you to Patrick Watson’s most recent album, ‘Adventures in Your Own Backyard.’ Made available on 20 April, it is a typically beautiful, slow-paced collection of haunting falsetto, simply melodies and quiet beats to get you through these wet, windy Melbourne days (I’m starting to become suspicious of the amount Melbourne’s weather features in my writing). If you’re too broke to fork out for the whole album I suggest purchasing the individual tracks ‘Adventures in Your Own Backyard’ and ‘Lighthouse’ to keep you company on lonely drives and public transport rides. ‘Into Giants’ is more upbeat for those folk more into the whole choir, country-esqe thing (yeah he creates his own mash of genres) and you can nurse a hangover to ‘Words in the Fire.’


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  • May 21, 2012


    That commercial is amazing. I wish it wasn’t a commercial though. 

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