MIKE PAXTON – Beginning

Have you ever wondered what Thom Yorke’s solo project, Atoms For Peace, may have sounded like if he hadn’t become infatuated with electronic music during the recording of Radiohead’s Kid A album and instead focused on beating Jose Gonzalez and Bon Iver to their stadium-sized acoustic guitar sound?

Sydney’s Mike Paxton is not only interested in exploring that amalgam, he just happens to have his own sumptuous touch on all three influences.

You can tell he’s been recording for 15 years now from the songs self belief in each riff and pick. It can take years to learn how to balance the subtle and striking tones as ‘Beginning’ accomplishes.

Luckily for him there’s also currently not a lot of competition in the field of Australian acoustic guitar driven, singer-songwriters. If Mike Paxton can sustain the level of intrigue that ‘Beginning’ contains for an entire album, he could find himself in the national spotlight, although that’s easier said than done.

MP3: ‘Beginning

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