Glass Mirrors – Marine Parade

Glass Mirrors, an impressive yet relatively untapped producer out of Melbourne, is helping us bring the in good weather with some summery 80’s vibes on his new track, ‘Marine Parade.’

It’s no wonder why the song is called ‘Marine Parade’. You hear seagulls, ocean sounds, and cheesy cop show samples, all subtly placed to create a sense of atmosphere as the leading synths build and come to the forefront of the track.

Hard hitting reverbed drums ride classic 80s grooves through a large part of the song, complemented by some classic guitar and synth movements. With all the songs elements working together, ‘Marine Parade’ feels like it could easily be the opening soundtrack to an all American, all neon, 80’s cop show like Miami Vice.

On Soundcloud, the song has been labeled as ‘Heatwave Chillin’, and while I feel this could sum up the entire track beautifully, Glass Mirrors have gone further and offered a much more specific description:

Cruising down Marine Parade circa 1984, your mullet windswept in the salt air, shades in prime position, confidence at an all time high.
Feeling rather aloof, you look to the left at the attractive model sitting in the passenger seat of your convertible sportscar and realise that you have made it.
You ARE the business.”

Glass Mirrors has shared stages with the likes of Boys Noize, Breakbot and Diplo amongst many others over the years, but for now you can catch him doing his thang every week at Survivor! at The Bottom End or at the upcoming Melbourne Parklife show.


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