FREE TIME – Nothin But Nice

Lyrically I felt that when Cat Power sung ‘Nothin’ But Time‘ with Iggy Pop last year, it was an 11 minute backhanded dig at young bands who aren’t utilising the most of their bedroom free time and striving for something more significant. Other bands on the same label as Free TimeUnderwater People, such as Twerps, Big Troubles, Air Waves and Julian Lynch, all drift freely by targeting that mood of contentment in life that Cat Power may have been concerned about.

What makes Free Time’s upcoming Free Time LP intriguing is that the first single ‘Nothing But Nice‘ has more disposition and inducement than those previously named bands, instead drawing influence from the more successfully progressive Real Estate.

Melbourne’s Dion Nania, who originally had ties with both Twerps and Scott and Charlene’s Wedding before moving to New York, added Jonah Maurer on guitar, Adrienne Humblet on bass and Michael Mimoun on drums to tackle this disconnected genre. Nania finds himself between the distant nasally vocals, leading the charge with his purposeful loose guitar solos that are indicative for potentially connecting Free Time’s longevity beyond the current field of disconnected.

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