CHILD ACTOR – If You Loved Me

It’s almost as if I am listening to, “If You Loved Me”, whilst fully submerged under water. Evidently my ‘childhood’ dream of being a mermaid is not that far off the mark whilst listening to this translucent creation. Especially given the echoey, blurred out vocal sampling and a musical backtrack that blobs along like a jellyfish.

If one were to make comparisons there are definitely hints of The xx, Grimes and Purity Ring hiding among the liquid synth pop melodies. Child Actor is the cousin duo of Sedgie Ogilvy and seriously cool beat maker Max Heath. Sedgie’s dynamic vocals swallow you in and lend clarity to the blurred-out experimental patchwork, in addition to the almost apocalyptic guitar screams.

As a keen researcher of new music myself I come across a lot of bland creations, which only highlights further the challenges that face emerging artists – especially in establishing a unique yet recognizable identity. I feel Child Actor have found a good balance between creative originality whilst not isolating themselves from an audience to resonate with their creations.

Their Album, Victory, will be out on 16 October via Fake Four.

In the meantime hit up their previous works released in July of this year on their bandcamp.


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