BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD – Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush Cover)

Blackbird Blackbird have rarely failed to impress me.. His reworks manage to change a song almost entirely while still capturing the mood or essence of the original track. In an exclusive for Work Magazine,  Blackbird Blackbird (his friends call him Mickey Maramag)  has reworked Kate Bush’s hit ‘Running Up That Hill’.

For  the majority of the track, Kate Bush’s vocals are fleeting and tease you about whats to come. If you didn’t already know, you would be absoultely kicking yourself trying to work out what song it is.  About three and a half minutes in, it delves into the chorus of ‘Running Up That Hill’ and fits in perfectly, floating on top of the dreamy but complex sound that has been created. Here, and throughout many of their tracks, they have captured a delightful balance between genres that is really quite hypnotic. This track is truly for your listening pleasure. It’s wonderful and delicious and awesome and yes, he’s got me again.

Blackbird Blackbird‘s latest EP Boraclay Planet is out now. Check it out for more sweet lovin tracks.


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