Bear Mountain are from Canada. Despite the lack of originality in their name, they have released a sophisticated, charming sophomore album titled “XO“. The album incorporates soothingly sweet synth streaks throughout. HOW about that for alliteration. Nice wasn’t it? Well this album is even better than that.

If you are looking for some chilled out, poolside material (even though the pool is about -5 degrees at the moment), then XO is for you. “Two Step” is the pick of the album. It’s a little more intense than the rest as it has some lightly muffled dub-step thrown in (the best type of dub-step). I must stress my current addiction for this song.

Congo” and “Survive” are close behind in the race for top song however. These represent the overriding theme of the album more so than “Two Step”. This is where those seductive synths I was talking about come into play. “Congo” has a tribal feeling to it, however is much more relaxing than your run of the mill tribal calls.

Bear Mountain have produced some really clever stuff here. They may even have to fly the Canadian Flag in the near ¬†future after Canada’s lowly showing at London 2012. I can say that because Australia killed it, right?


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